Teachworks Tutorials

View these tutorials to get started using the main features in Teachworks.

Video & Image Tutorials

Explore Our Core Features

1. Account Settings

Begin here by setting up your account settings.

2. Adding Services

Learn how to add services to your account.

3. Adding Locations

Find out how to add locations to your Teachworks account.

4. Adding Teachers & Staff

This tutorial explains how to add teachers & staff.

5. Adding Students

Learn how to add students in this tutorial.

6. Scheduling Lessons

Schedule one or more lessons on the calendar.

7. Completing Lessons

Learn how to complete a lesson in this tutorial.

8. Deleting Lessons

This tutorial shows how to delete on or more lessons from the calendar.

9. Generating Invoices

Find out how to create an invoice in Teachworks.

10. Creating Packages

This tutorial explains how to create a package for a client.

11. Recording Payments

Learn how to record payments in this tutorial.

12. Hours, Earnings & Payments

View teacher & staff hours and earnings, and record their payments.

Tutor & Teacher on-boarding laptop and welcome pamphlet.

Speed Up Tutor & Teacher On-boarding

Switching to new software or hiring new employees requires some additional training. We’ve created some tutorial videos to make the process quick and easy for your tutors or teachers.

See The Tutorials!

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