Detailed Records & Powerful Analytics.

Manage detailed, up-to-date records for students, teachers, lessons, transactions and more.
Search & Sort to quickly find the information you need. Generate reports to analyze your data and gain unique insights to grow your business.

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Screenshot example of the student listExample screenshot of the Lesson History by Student table


Maintain Detailed Records

Teachworks helps you gather and maintain detailed records related to your customers, students, teachers, lessons, transactions and more.

Information is organized conveniently in searchable & sortable tables and profiles that contain all information related to a particular record.

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Mass Record Management

Save time creating and updating records. Teachworks' bulk import feature allows you to create or update multiple family, student, teacher and staff records by uploading an Excel file.

Changing student, employee, or lesson status can also be done for multiple records at once.

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Lesson History table - checkboxes to update records in bulkImport records in bulk through an import template
Screenshot example of Payments Received graph on the dashboardScreenshot example of monthly statistics on the dashboard


Results in Real-Time

Your teachworks account displays your business results in real-time. Everything from creating a new invoice, a teacher completing a lesson, or a customer making a payment is reflected in your account totals immediately.

As a result, you can make better, faster decisions.

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Example screenshot of Lesson Revenue in the time series reportScreenshot example of breakdowns report


Customizable Reports

Choose from several customizable reports with multiple measures including time periods, status, service type, teacher, student, location and more.

Analyze lessons hours, counts and revenue; invoice totals and payments received; teacher hours and payments, gross margins and much more.

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Screenshot example of custom enrollment form


Custom Registration Forms

Streamline the registration process for new students and teachers with custom forms.

When submitted you'll receive a notification of the new registration and a profile will be created in your account, ready to be reviewed.

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Example screenshot of Custom FieldsMain calendar, month view.


Custom Fields

Add custom fields to client, teacher and staff profiles to store additional information that is specific to your business needs.

Custom field types include text boxes, text fields, date fields, select menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

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Example screenshot of incrementing grade levels in bulk


Increment Grade Levels

You can increment the grade levels for all of your students between school years in seconds.

Teachworks' unique incrementing system makes it easy to increment both numeric and text grade levels.

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Additional tools to help you manage and analyze your data...

Export to Excel

Easily download the data from your account for backup copies or for analysis in Excel.

Custom Profile Fields

Add custom fields to teacher and student profiles to store information you need.

Advanced Search

Search records on multiple fields for quickly retrieving relevant records.

Profile Notes

Log communications and other notes by date on client profiles.

Beautiful Reports

Generate and print high-quality, attractive reports with graphics and list data.

Frequent Backups

Our database is backed-up 4 times daily to ensure your data is safe.

Up-to-date Contact Details

Keep contact info up-to-date by allowing teachers and clients to update online.

Search & Sort

Easily find data in any table with search and sort.