Speed Up Regular Administrative Tasks

  • Use our Repertoire Tracker Add-On to keep track of the pieces students are learning and performing.

  • Schedule one-on-one music lessons, group lessons, or courses easily and efficiently.

  • Create predefined student groups for more efficient group lesson scheduling.

  • Keep better track of instruments, books and other items you lend to students and employees.

Build Lasting Relationships With Your Music Students

  • Notify clients about their upcoming music lessons, new invoices and more through customizable notification emails.

  • Provide clients with quick ways to reach out, sign up, book/join lessons and record their music performances.

  • Send detailed notes and resources to students and parents after each lesson.

  • Give students or parents their own user accounts to allow self-serve access to their schedule, lesson history, and more.

Improve Student Attendance

  • Reduce the likelihood of no-shows by reminding clients about their upcoming music lessons through email.

  • Take advantage of the higher open rates offered by text messaging by sending automatic SMS reminders to clients.

Easily Manage Staff & Music Teachers

  • Make it easy for talented music teachers to submit their resume and details through custom forms.

  • Expand music teacher profiles with custom profile fields to ensure that you capture the most important information.

  • Enable user access for music teachers and staff and customize permission settings based on each employee’s unique role.

  • Employee hours & earnings are calculated automatically as lessons are added to the calendar.

Enjoy Flexible Invoicing Solutions

  • Generate single or multiple invoices at once and include packages, flat fees or individual music lessons right from the calendar.

  • Automate the invoicing process with our Invoice Autopilot Add-On.

  • Accept and process credit card payments through our Stripe Integration.

Integrate Teachworks With Your Tutoring Website

Teachworks offers various features that can be integrated with your music school or studio website. Customize each feature visually in Teachworks and paste the code on your website to allow music students to sign up, book lessons and more.

View a live demo here.

And many more free Integrations & Add-Ons for your music school or studio...

Website Bookings

Allow students to book music lessons or join open lessons/classes from your website.

Lesson Requests

Let students request music lessons right from their Teachworks account.

User Time Zones

Do you offer online music lessons? Avoid scheduling confusion with our User Time Zones Add-On.

Mileage Tracker

Do your music teachers travel to meet their students? Easily record mileage for lessons that require travel.

Website Bookings

Allow students to book music lessons, or join open lessons/classes from your website.

Schedule Confirmations

Provide students with a snapshot of their upcoming lessons.

Profile Attachments

Easily attach notes, resources and other documents directly to student profiles.

Open Classes

Schedule open classes and allow students to join classes that match their schedule.

Free Integrations & Add-ons

Expand the capabilities of your Teachworks account with more than 30 free integrations & add-ons.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Teachworks is terrific. Highly adaptable software, straightforward pricing, and excellent customer service.

- Brian Robbins, Red Pelican Music

Teachworks is a little miracle that has reduced our work hours immensely, increased accuracy and transparency of hours and rates with our teachers and students, and allowed us to put our time to better use expanding our business.

- Jonah Cristall-Clarke, London Piano Teachers

Teachworks is keeping our complicated scheduling system flowing smoothly and tracking our individualized pricing structures beautifully as we invoice our customers. We love it!.

- Joy Knox, Sage Center for Gifted Children