Automate your Education Business

Teachworks offers various automation features that can help you save time and improve efficiency.

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Key Automation Features

Decorative element - dotted line to outline automation process
Automation Illustration: Adding Clients and Employees
Quick Client & Employee
Automation Illustration: Self-Serve Booking and Cancellation Options
Simple, Self-Service
Automation Illustration: Invoices Generated Automatically with Online Payment Section
Automatic Invoices &
Credit Allocation
Automation Illustration: Email Notification
Notification Emails
Automation Illustration: Stripe Integration
Extended Functionality
With Add-ons & Integrations
Custom Forms Add-on - form being completedEmployee List - Profiles created automatically when a form is completed


Speed Up Onboarding

The Custom Forms Add-on allows you to gather information about new customers and prospective employees using customized forms on your website.

When someone fills out a form, their details are used to automatically create a profile in Teachworks.

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Hassle-Free Scheduling

Simplify Scheduling

Letting your clients handle their own schedules, saves you and your staff valuable time. With the Website Booking Plugin, clients can book lessons, join open classes, and enroll in courses directly from your website, 24/7.

Teachworks also provides a simple self-service feature for managing cancellations.

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Website Booking Plugin - Booking a LessonWebsite Booking Plugin - Selecting a Teacher
Invoice Autopilot Add-on - Selecting CustomersPurchase Packages Add-on - Purchase Screen

Easy Invoicing

Automate Invoicing & Allocation

  • Generate invoices automatically on a schedule of your choice with our Invoice Autopilot Add-on.
  • Use our Purchase Packages Add-on to allow your clients to purchase additional packages on their own through Stripe. Invoices and payment allocation is handled automatically.
  • Allow clients to pay for lessons at the time of booking through Stripe. Invoices and payment allocation is handled automatically in the background.
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Lesson Confirmation Email SMS Lesson Reminders templates

Instant Alerts

Enable Notifications

Teachworks offers a range of customizable notification emails that can be sent automatically based on your settings. Some notifications include:

  • Lesson Reminder Emails
  • New Invoice and Overdue Invoice Emails
  • Uncompleted Lesson Reminders to Teachers
  • Low Package Balance Emails
  • Welcome SMS messages and SMS Lesson Reminders
  • Lesson Cancellation Emails and much more!
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Zapier Integration TriggersAutomatic Payment & Credit Note Allocation Settings

Expand Functionality

Activate Add-ons & Integrations

Teachworks offers access to various Add-ons and Integrations that can help you further automate administrative tasks. This includes:

  • An API that allows you to build custom integrations with software that can automate certain tasks.
  • Automatic Conflict Validator Add-on that runs the conflict checker automatically when lessons are scheduled.
  • Automatic Allocation Add-on to allocate credit notes and payments to invoices automatically.
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Plus many more time-saving features...


Currency, time zone, date format, time format.

Calendar & Events

Default views, first day of week, time slots.

Cost & Wages

Premiums, tiers, cost overrides.

Package Settings

Packages by lesson or hour, counting method.

Invoice Settings

Prefixes, starting number, default settings.

Customer Accounts

Choose which pages and info to display.

Employee Accounts

Profile photos & scheduling controls.

Notification Settings

Custom templates, lead times, email addresses.

Company Logo

Logo displayed on login page and invoices.


Custom words for lessons, students & teachers.

Account Subdomain

Match your subdomain to your URL or company name.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Enable the integrations & add-ons that you need.