Client Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say about Teachworks.

Professional Design, User-Friendly

“We began using Teachworks a few months ago after researching several other tutor scheduling software programs. We chose Teachworks due to it's professional design, multiple scheduling formats as well as seamless data sharing between functions. It has been very user friendly which has been an asset in training our tutors in using the system. We are especially impressed with the outstanding Customer Support. It has been a pleasure doing business with Teachworks and we look forward to our continued growth with this program.”

Val Spak
Teacher's Pet Educational Services

“We shopped around and did a trial with several web-based software companies. Teachworks is by far the most user friendly software for our tutoring/teaching business. Teachworks also surpassed several other software programs with its many features. The Teachworks staff is very prompt in addressing our questions and have been extremely helpful in assisting us by making some minor software changes to accommodate the running of our business. We definitely recommend Teachworks software.”

Marianna A. Cleek
Club Z In-Home Tutoring & Test Prep

“Teachworks is terrific. Highly adaptable software, straightforward pricing, and excellent customer service.”

Brian Robbins
Red Pelican Music

Helping Your Business Grow

“Before Teachworks our fast-growing language-services company was trying to log all information into spreadsheets, schedule classes using Google calendars (one for each teacher), managing invoices through Stripe and Square and hand-drawing little maps to keep track of geographic data for each class. It became a huge mess! Then Teachworks came along and rescued us at a critical moment in our growth. With easy calendars, teacher and student accounts, direct invoicing and a powerful dashboard, Teachworks has allowed us to expand into a third city and has brought our company into the 21st Century. Best of all they have the most flexible and fair pricing of all the services we trialed! Here at NLingua we are loyal fans of Teachworks! ”

Nathan Drescher

“As a medium-sized and growing tutoring business with two learning center locations, in-school services and several hundred lessons each month, we require a robust cloud-based system to help organize and manage our business. After using a competing system that we found to be capable yet over-priced, we decided to give Teachworks a try. Switching systems is no easy task, but Teachworks' batch upload system made importing our clients and students a breeze. As is to be expected when switching to a new system, there were a few minor problems. Some of the problems were learning-curve related, while others were minor features of convenience that we found to be missing in Teachworks. For each of these issues I contacted Teachworks Support, and I have been truly blown away with their level of service. They respond very quickly to support emails. In cases where I simply needed some help with using/learning the system, they provided detailed descriptions on how to complete tasks. When I described and requested features that I felt would increase the speed of data entry or otherwise improve the user experience, they actually implemented the features I requested. In the first 2 weeks of using the system they implemented three such features. In 2 weeks! The system is easy to use, flexible, has a great, intuitive UI and is very reasonably-priced relative to the alternatives. I highly recommend it to other learning centers or similar service providers, and would gladly serve as a reference for Teachworks for any other organizations considering and evaluating the system.”

Rob Wahl
Symbol Multisensory Learning Centers Inc.

“We were using TutorPanel and as our business continues to grow we needed a stronger platform for invoicing and scheduling and have found Teachworks to be the perfect solution.  Invoicing has been so much easier and faster and we love it.  It's a comprehensive tutoring back office software that has addressed the issues of a tutoring company and we couldn't be happier!!  The knowledge base is awesome and so far has answered every question that has come up. ”

Jeff Orwick
FAST Mentoring

Helping You Stay Organized

“Teachworks is like that friend that has everything organised for you in one spot that's accessible anytime, anyplace. It keeps my team stress-free because we're all on the same calendar page (quite literally!) - not only that, but the bright pops of colour throughout the screen only makes everything easier to use and is appealing on the eyes! Thanks Teachworks, I've had a look at other companies that offer timetabling programs and yours is the without a doubt, the best! ”

Lisa Tran
VCE Study Guides

“Teachworks is keeping our complicated scheduling system flowing smoothly and tracking our individualized pricing structures beautifully as we invoice our customers.  We love it! ”

Joy Knox
Sage Center for Gifted Children

Helping You Get the Most for Your Money

“Teachworks is the best classroom management application out there! It is fairly priced, and if anything ever goes wrong, the support team is always there to help you. Even our least computer savvy tutors have managed to pick it up quickly and are now saying it is very simple to use. It has made record-keeping a lot easier for us and our tutors. We would recommend this software to anyone thinking about business management software for educators!”

Atlantic Language Training

“Teachworks is well-organized, cost-effective and easy to use. I am thrilled to have found such a valuable tool for my new education center and I recommend it highly to others. My tutors and parents find Teachworks to be intuitive and helpful in keeping track of their schedules and payments. Thank you!!!”

Dr. Amy Schulting
Windmill Education Center

Helping You Increase Productivity

“Teachworks is a little miracle that has reduced our work hours immensely, increased accuracy and transparency of hours and rates with our teachers and students, and allowed us to put our time to better use expanding our business. Our business is now scalable, and in the year we have been using Teachworks we have increased our hours of lessons by more than 50%, with little to no increase in time spent invoicing and managing student accounts. It is unbelievably user-friendly and intuitive to use, has a great Knowledge Base, and we have spent virtually no time at all training new staff, employees, and teachers on using the platform - everyone we work with simply learns the system effortlessly on their own. Worth every penny! Thank you Teachworks!”

Jonah Cristall-Clarke
London Piano Teachers

“Teachworks has been extraordinary helpful because it provides a structured framework to organize a broad range of administrative data.  I think Teachworks is particularly useful for an SME like GAIA Language because we need to provide detailed scheduling information to our clients. With an invoice that details all scheduled class date and time, it saves both our staff and clients any misunderstanding and confusion about attendance. Besides scheduling help, the dashboard serves as a great forecast and performance index.  Easy to read and follow, the dashboard helps us to plan and use our resources more effectively. I am very glad to have come across Teachworks, and after 6 months of using it, I feel I can keep my business at my finger tips.  Thanks Teachworks!”

Elsha Yiu
Gaia Language Company Limited, Hong Kong

And More ...

“I have been using Teachworks for about the last 4 months and I love the reminder emails that are sent to the student and tutor. In the past we have had a lot of no shows or students that forgot what time their appointment is and this feature has helped manage my business in addition the tutors are able to look ahead to see which students they will be working with.”

Julie Writz
Knowledge Edge

“Teachworks makes our tutoring business possible, to put it short and sweet. We used to scratch our heads and freak out over billing and scheduling but Teachworks makes it all so much easier. Sending out monthly invoices is no longer a dreaded task!”

Jami-Lin Williams
Streamline Tutors

“Teachworks is a great tool to manage client relations, from invoicing to lesson reminders and class notes, and to manage tutors from scheduled classes to employee payments.  It has helped our business run more transparently for managers, clients and employees.”

Lucas Medeiros
Vincit Tutoring, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil