Complex Scheduling Simplified.

Coordinating schedules with multiple teachers, students and locations can be a challenge. Teachworks simplifies scheduling and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

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Main calendar month view screenshotLocation Calendar screenshot
Flexible Views

Multiple Calendar Views & Filters

Finding open spaces is quick & easy with over six different calendar views including month, week agenda, daily agenda, teachers, and locations.

Plus calendar filters for students, teachers and locations.

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Teacher Availability

View teacher availability on the calendar for quickly finding openings. Teachers can manage their availability from their personal Teachworks accounts, so their availability is always up-to-date.

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Availability on profile screenshotTeacher Calendar screenshot
Click and drag calendar event to extend duration screenshot.


Quick and Easy Scheduling

Manage schedule changes right from the calendar. Drag & Drop lessons to a new time, teacher or location in seconds.

Resize lessons to change duration. Click to schedule a new lesson.

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Conflicts exampleCheck conflicts button when adding a lesson.


Spot Scheduling Conflicts

When scheduling a new lesson, easily view a teacher's lesson and availability conflicts and location conflicts with the click of a button.

Conflict details include the specific lessons, availabilities and times of the conflicts.

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Website booking plugin screenshot - teachers and bios.


Booking Lessons from Your Website

Allow students to book lessons with teachers directly from your website based on your teachers' availability.

Booking notifications are sent to the client, teacher and your company and the lesson is scheduled on your calendar.

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Website booking plugin - join a class option.


Joining Open Classes from Your Website

Use our Website Booking Plugin to let students view and join open classes directly from your website -- whenever it's most convenient for them.

Students can easily filter by date, teacher and class name, and they can see the number of open spaces available.

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Main calendar popup when clicking a lesson. View, Edit, Delete, Complete, Remind and Copy options.


Detailed Records

Track detailed records for each lesson including attendance status, revenue, wage, teacher, students, location, subject and more.

Plus teachers can enter lesson notes to save and email to students or parents.

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Calendar events for specific family.


Personal Calendars

Give teachers, parents, and students easy, online access to their personal calendars.

Scheduling changes are available instantly in all accounts, so everyone will always be up-to-date.

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Schedule confirmation email example.


Schedule Confirmations

Reduce last minute cancellations and maintain open communication with your customers with schedule confirmation emails.

The fully customizable email template gives your clients a quick outlook of upcoming sessions.

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Calendar time zones


Support Multiple Time Zones

Do you offer online tutoring with employees and students in different time zones?Put an end to confusion about lesson times!

Our User Time Zones Add-On simplifies scheduling across time zones by displaying lessons in each user's local time.

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Plus many more time-saving features...

Individuals & Groups

Schedule lessons for individuals or groups of students.

Calendar Lock

Lock calendar prior to date to prevent changes to past periods.

Repeating Lessons

Create repeating lessons with highly flexible repeat options.


Color-code lessons by teacher, student or location.

Jump to Date

Jump to any date quickly with the calendar date picker.

Calendar Feeds

Access lessons from other devices using calendar feeds.

Adjustable Settings

Set default calendar view, first hour, time increments and more.

Lesson Size

Limit the number of students that can join a lesson.

Copy Lessons

Copy settings from existing lesson to create an identical lesson.

Joinable Lessons

Make lessons joinable and allow students to view and enroll in open lessons.

Cancellation Emails

Send a cancellation email to teachers and clients when a lesson is cancelled.

Cost Override

Manually override a student's default billing method when scheduling a lesson.