Adding Locations Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to add locations to your Teachworks account. Locations are selected when a lesson is scheduled.

1. Locations

To go to the Locations List, click the Account & Settings option in your navigation menu. Then click the Locations option.

Step 1 screenshot

2. Add a Location

To add a location, click the "Add Location" link in the sidebar.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Location Details

Enter a name for the location that you will use to identify it when scheduling lessons. Select a color for the location to be used when color-coding by location.

Step 3 screenshot

You can check the box to display conflicts if the location can only have one lesson at a time. Choose whether or not to display the location in the Locations Calendar.

Step 3 screenshot - conflicts

To add an address, check the Include Address check box and complete the fields that are displayed.

Step 3 screenshot - include location address

4. Save the Location

Click the Save button to save the location.

Step 4 screenshot

Extra: Adding Sub-Locations

If you want to schedule lessons at specific rooms within a location, you can add these as sub-locations.
To add a new sub-location, follow the steps above and check the "Is sub-location of" check box, then select the parent location to which the sub-location belongs.

Adding Sub-locations screenshot

For instructions on all Teachworks features, refer to the Teachworks Knowledge Base.

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