Customize & White Label Your Account

Teachworks' modular design lets you customize your account settings, integrations & add-ons for your unique needs. Extend your brand with white-labelling options including your logo, company name, and custom subdomain.

Reinforce Your Brand with Each Login

Your account has it's own dedicated login page that displays your company name or logo.

Your brand is reinforced each time your clients, teachers, or staff log into their accounts.

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Add a Login Form to Your Website

If you have a website, you can add our remote login form so that users can login seamlessly from your site.

You can customize the style and color of the form to match your website for a consistent look and feel.

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Your Company Name on Each Page

After logging into their user account, your teachers, staff and clients will see your company name displayed at the top of each page in the navigation menu.

Plus you can select a subdomain for your account that matches your company's website URL for consistency.

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Custom Terminology

Do you have tutors, teachers, mentors or instructors? Do you schedule lessons, appointments or sessions?

Teachworks lets you customize the words used for teachers, students and lessons to fit the unique terminology used by your business.

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Custom Account Settings

Teachworks lets you easily adjust dozens of settings to make the software fit the way your business operates.

Localization, invoices, packages, notification settings and templates, user accounts, logout redirect and much more.

Flexible, Modular Design

Teachworks has a modular design that allows you to extend the basic functionality with the add-ons & integrations that you need.

This simplifies your system and makes training and completing tasks quicker for your users.

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Showcase Your Teachers

Showcase your teachers’ achievements, experience, availability, subjects, and more on your company website by adding website profiles.

Profiles are always up-to-date with employee data from your Teachworks account. Customize the appearance of your website profiles to match your branding.

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Build Custom Integrations

Need integrate with other software programs or your website?

Our API allows you to access and manage records in your Teachworks account to build custom integrations with other software programs.

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Teachworks lets you customize...

Localization Settings

Currency, time zone, date format, time format...

Calendar & Events

Default views, first day of week, time slots...

Costs & Wages

Premiums, tiers, cost overrides...

Package Settings

Packages by lesson or hour, counting method.

Invoice Settings

Prefixes, starting number, default settings...

Customer Accounts

Choose which pages and info to display.

Employee Accounts

Profile photos & scheduling controls.

Notification Settings

Custom templates, lead times, email addresses...

Company Logo

Logo displayed on login page and invoices...


Custom words for lessons, students & teachers.

Account Subdomain

Match your subdomain to your URL or company name.

Integrations & Add-ons

Enable the integrations & add-ons that you need.