Simplify Frequent Administrative Tasks

  • Use our time-saving features to speed up scheduling for single lessons, group lessons and other meetings.

  • Create and save student groups for streamlined group lesson scheduling.

  • Import and update family, student and employee records in bulk.

  • Sync invoices, payments and other records to QuickBooks Online and avoid double data capturing.

Build Lasting Relationships With Clients

  • Provide clients with quick and easy ways to book/request lessons, enroll in courses and reach out.

  • Use our Results Tracking Add-On to keep better track of student progress over time.

  • Customize and automate notifications to keep your clients updated about their schedule, billing and more.

  • Provide students with detailed notes and resources after each lesson.

Reduce No-Shows

  • Remind students about their upcoming lessons through automated lesson reminder emails or text messages.

  • Use our Schedule Confirmation Add-On to send students a snapshot of their upcoming lessons to avoid confusion and clashes in advance.

Manage Staff & Tutors More Efficiently

  • Simplify the application process through custom application forms and attract top talent.

  • Enable user access for employees with custom permissions related to their specific role.

  • Use our Calendar Feeds Add-On to allow employees to view their schedules in their calendar program of choice.

  • Employee hours & earnings are calculated automatically as calendar events are scheduled and completed.

Enjoy Quick And Easy Invoicing Solutions

  • Create single or multiple invoices and add individual lessons, packages or flat fees with ease.

  • Automate invoicing with our Invoice Autopilot Add-On to free up more time to focus on other areas of your test preparation centre.

  • Allow clients to pay online through Stripe or process payments on their behalf.

Integrate Teachworks With Your Test Preparation Centre Website

Teachworks offers multiple features that can be integrated with your test preparation company’s website. These features can be tweaked visually in Teachworks, allowing you to add additional functionality to your website with ease.

View a live demo here.

And many more free Integrations & Add-Ons for your test preparation company...

Website Bookings

Let students book lessons or join courses from your website.

Lesson Requests

Let students request lessons directly from their Teachworks account.

Profile Attachments

Attach resources and other files to client profiles quickly and efficiently.

Open Classes

Make lessons joinable and allow students to view and enroll in open lessons

Send Email

Email employees, families or students with key information. Save templates for regular emails.

Package Balance Alerts

Send an automatic notification when package balances reach a specified number of lessons/hours.

Custom Invoices

Customize the layout and labels that appear on invoices to match your unique requirements.

LaTeX Lesson Notes

Automatically convert text in lesson notes to math equations.

Free Integrations & Add-ons

Expand the capabilities of your Teachworks account with more than 30 free integrations & add-ons.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Teachworks is by far the most user friendly software for our tutoring/teaching business. Teachworks also surpassed several other software programs with its many features. The Teachworks staff is very prompt in addressing our questions and have been extremely helpful in assisting us by making some minor software changes to accommodate the running of our business.

- Marianna A. Cleek, Club Z In-Home Tutoring & Test Prep

Teachworks is keeping our complicated scheduling system flowing smoothly and tracking our individualized pricing structures beautifully as we invoice our customers. We love it!

- Joy Knox, Sage Center for Gifted Children

Teachworks is well-organized, cost-effective and easy to use. I am thrilled to have found such a valuable tool for my new education center and I recommend it highly to others. My tutors and parents find Teachworks to be intuitive and helpful in keeping track of their schedules and payments. Thank you!!!

- Dr. Amy Schulting, Windmill Education Center