Deleting Lessons

This tutorial will show you how to remove one or more lessons from the calendar.

1. Deleting a Lesson

On the calendar click on the lesson that you want to delete. In the pop-up, click the "Delete" option.

Step 1 screenshot

2. Delete Single or Future Lessons

You can delete a single lesson, or if the lesson is part of a repeating series of lessons, then you can delete the selected lesson and all future lessons in the series. Once submitted, the lesson or lessons will be deleted.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Deleting by Date

You can delete all lessons on a date by going to the Calendar's Month view and hovering your cursor over the triangle icon next to the date number. Click on the Delete link that appears in the pop-up.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Select Event Types

You can delete all lessons, all other events, or all lessons and other events on the selected date. Once you click the Submit button, the events will be removed from the calendar.

Step 4 screenshot

For instructions on all Teachworks features, refer to the Teachworks Knowledge Base.