Completing Lessons Tutorial

After a lesson has occurred the teacher or a staff member can record the attendance status, enter internal and shared notes, email notes to the client, etc.

1. Completing a Lesson

On the calendar click on the lesson that you want to complete. In the pop-up, click the "Complete" option. It's also possible to complete a lesson from the Lesson History tables by clicking the check mark icon.

Step 1 screenshot

2. Make Adjustments

You can adjust the title, wage and time of the lesson. Teacher accounts are not able to adjust the wage, and you can control their ability to change the duration in the Permissions section on the teacher's profile.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Set the Status

Change the status from Scheduled to Attended, Cancelled or Missed. If the status is set to Cancelled, the cost will be set to zero. In Teacher accounts the cost field is not editable by default, but you can change this in the Permissions section on the teacher's profile.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Internal Notes

Internal notes can be recorded about the lesson. These notes are not visible to the client.

Step 4 screenshot

5. Shared Notes

Shared notes can be entered and are visible in parent and student accounts.

Step 5 screenshot

6. Email Shared Notes

Check the box if you would like to email the shared notes to the parent and student. In order to receive the notes, this option must also be enabled on the parent and student's profile.

Step 6 screenshot

7. Submit the Form

Once you've completed the form you can submit it. If you are completing or sending notes for multiple lessons you can choose to submit the form and go to the next uncompleted lesson or the next lesson with unsent notes.

Step 7 screenshot

8. Completed Lesson

When the lesson has been completed, an icon indicating the status will be displayed next to the title of the lesson on the calendar. An attended lesson will display a check mark, a cancelled lesson will display a line through the title and a missed lesson will display an X.

Step 8 screenshot

For instructions on all Teachworks features, refer to the Teachworks Knowledge Base.