Manage Multiple Branches

Whether you operate multiple branches, a franchise system, or have expansion plans for the future, Teachworks allows you to easily add and manage multiple locations from a single account.

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Teachworks Master Accounts

After opening a Teachworks account you can add a master account which enables you to create and manage accounts for multiple branch locations from a single account.

From your master account you can view consolidated results, add & manage branch accounts, save default settings for new accounts, and seamlessly switch between accounts.

Best of all, you can create a master account for free.

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Streamline New Location Setup

With your master account you can save default account settings, allowing you to quickly add new accounts with identical settings. If your business is expanding and you're regularly adding new branches or franchisee locations, this will speed up the process and ensure that your accounts are using the same settings.

Consolidated Results in Real Time

View charts, graphs and list results to monitor key performance measures including lesson counts and hours, revenue, cash receipts and more on a consolidated basis or by location. Because data from all of your branches is stored in a centralized database, you can view results in real-time as they're recorded at the branch level.

Standardize Processes

As you expand your business to more than one location it's important that you have standardized processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in each location. By using Teachworks as the management system for all of your locations you can ensure that each location will be able to operate using the same processes.

Sync to QuickBooks

Use Teachworks integration with QuickBooks Online to seamlessly sync records from each of your Teachworks branch accounts to a single or separate QuickBooks Online accounts.

Easily Switch Between Accounts

From your master account you can switch to any one of your branch accounts to view or manage records and settings. Switching to a different account is as easy as clicking a button -- and switching back is just as easy.

Additional Admin

Switching between branches will allow you to easily access accounts with full admin permissions. Update settings, subscription settings and more easily and efficiently.