Free Integrations & Add-Ons

Integrate your teachworks account with leading web services & software. Expand on the core features by enabling add-ons for your specific business needs.



Open a Stripe account for credit card processing in minutes and connect with Teachworks in seconds.

Allow your clients to pay by credit card right from their invoices. Payments are recorded automatically and invoices are marked as paid. Read more


Easily connect your Teachworks account to Quickbooks Online to keep your accounting records up-to-date.

Sync customers, services, invoices, credit notes, and payments with the click of a button and easily view sync results when you're finished. Read more

Calendar Feeds

Display lessons and events from your teachworks account in other calendar programs that support iCalendar feeds such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo Calendar, and more.

Customize your calendar feeds by event and user type. Read more

Microsoft Excel

Download records to an Excel file with a single click to take advantage of Excel's advanced data manipulation and analysis features.

Or use your favorite spreadsheet program that can edit Excel files such as Google Spreadsheet or OpenOffice Calc.
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Sync your students, families, teachers and staff to your Mailchimp account for your emailing campaigns.

Include profile fields as merge variables for personalizing emails and segmenting your lists in Mailchimp.  Read more


Provide your clients with online, one-on-one or group lessons using the most versatile collaborative space for online lessons.

Tutors & students can easily join lessons directly from the calendar or from a link in a lesson reminder email.  


Our ever-growing collection of add-ons let you customize your Teachworks account.

Website Booking Plugin

Let students book lessons with teachers or join classes directly from your website.
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Website Profiles

Add teacher & staff profiiles directly to your website using the information from your employee profiles in Teachworks.
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SMS Reminders

Send SMS lesson reminders to teachers, students and parents. Customize messages and lead times for each recipient type. Usage fees apply.
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Teachworks API

Build custom integrations that interact with the data from your Teachworks account.
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Join Open Classes

Mark lessons as open and set available spaces. Allow students to join open lessons through their Teachworks account.
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Lesson Requests

Allow students to view teacher availability and request lessons from their own Teachworks account.
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Custom Enrollment Forms

Streamline student registration and employee applications with custom forms that create new profiles in your account.
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Invoice Autopilot

Automatically generate invoices according to a schedule with flexible schedule options and adjustable invoice settings.
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Remote Login

Customize and add our remote login form to your website so that users can log in seamlessly from your site.
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Schedule Confirmation Emails

Send emails to clients showing their scheduled lessons for an upcoming period for confirmation.
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Send Email

Easily send individual or group emails to teachers, staff, students and parents and view delivery results.
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Results Tracking

Record student results such as test scores, grades, and more. Display results in chart and list formats.
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Custom Profile Fields

Add custom fields to student and employee profiles to store any details not included in the standard fields.
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Profile Attachments

Attach files and documents to student, family and employee profiles and manage who can view and edit them.
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Task Manager

Assign, manage and track employee tasks. Tasks include a title, description, due date, priority and status.
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Client Follow Up

Assign follow-up dates and notes to client profiles to help manage relationships & communication. Easily sort customers by follow up date.
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Calendar Lock

Lock the calendar prior to a specified date to prevent calendar events from being changed. Set a fixed or trailing lock date.
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Custom Lesson Statuses

Create custom attendance statuses for lessons to keep more detailed and accurate lesson records.
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Package Balance Alerts

Send email alerts to your company and/or clients when their package balances drop below a specified level.
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Lending Library

Keep track of items that you lend to students. Send reminders automatically when items are due to be returned.
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LaTeX Lesson Notes

Allows math and science tutors to record equations in lesson notes using LaTeX notation.
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Communication Logs

Keep a log of communications and other internal notes on student or customer profiles.
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Cancellation Emails

Email cancellation notifications to students, parents and/or teachers when lessons are cancelled.
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Custom Invoice Emails

Create custom invoice email templates for sending invoice emails in different scenarios.
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SMS Welcome

Welcome new clients and emplayees with a customizable and personalized text message sent directly to their mobile phone.
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Mileage Tracker

Let teachers record travel mileage when they record attendance for their lessons.
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Vehicle Manager

Let's driving schools create vehicle profiles for storing information and scheduling for driving lessons.
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Independent Student Conversion

Allows you to convert an independent student into a family and child student profile.
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User Time Zones

Set time zones for your company, teachers and students so that lessons are displayed in the user's local time zone.
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Repertoire Tracker

Music schools & music teachers can easily keep track of the music pieces your students are learning and performing.
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Location Links

Associate your locations with links that can direct users to online whiteboards and meeting rooms, or a location on a map.
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Enhanced Lesson Completion

Customize the fields that are visible when reconciling lessons & enable the bulk status feature to set attendance status for multiple students at once.
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Student Groups

Create groups and assign students to them for faster scheduling of group lessons and classes.
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Custom Invoices

Customize the labels, element positioning and overall layout of your invoices.
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Student Contacts

Add contacts such as teachers or counselors from schools directly to student profiles.
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Currency Converted Invoice Total

Convert and display invoice totals in a different currency from your company's default currency.
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Inquiry Form

Easily add an inquiry form to your website to receive client inquiries in Teachworks and by email.
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Uncompleted Lesson Reminders

Automatically send reminders to teachers with uncompleted lessons.
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Custom Form Invitations

Send private links to clients or teachers to update their contact details, credit card, or other info using a custom form.
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Payroll ID

Store payroll identification numbers for teachers and include on their payslips.
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Lesson Flags

Allow teachers to flag and leave notes for lessons that require attention from administrative staff.
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