Getting Started Guide

Welcome to our getting started guide. This guide contains all the information you need to decide if Teachworks is a good fit for your business!

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What is Teachworks?

Teachworks is business management software for Education Companies including Tutoring Companies, Music Schools, Driving Schools, Language Schools and more.

How We Can Help

Teachworks allows you to consolidate all your records in one application. Our features are all aimed at increasing time-savings to allow you to speed up everything from scheduling to payroll.

How it Works
How Teachworks works diagram - Add Students, Schedule Lessons, Create Invoices, Analyze Performance

1. Add Students & Teachers
Add students and teachers one at a time or import them in bulk.

2. Schedule Lessons
Add lessons to the calendar or have clients book online.

3. Bill Your Clients
Generate invoices and process payments.

4. Grow Your Business
Use our reports to keep track of your business performance.

“Teachworks is terrific. Highly adaptable software, straightforward pricing, and excellent customer service.”
Brian Robbins
Red Pelican Music
“Teachworks is keeping our complicated scheduling system flowing smoothly and tracking our individualized pricing structures beautifully as we invoice our customers.  We love it!”
Joy Knox
Sage Center for Gifted Children
“Teachworks is well-organized, cost-effective and easy to use. I am thrilled to have found such a valuable tool for my new education center and I recommend it highly to others.”
Dr. Amy Schulting
Windmill Education Center

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1. Add Teachers and Students

When you open a Teachworks account, your account will be the Admin account. You can then add additional profiles for Administrative Staff, Teachers, Families and Students using one of the methods below:

  • One by one

  • In bulk using a spreadsheet
  • Through a Custom Enrollment/Application Form
  • Through a first time online booking (families and students only)

View the Tutorial

Add Teachers and Students Image

Lesson cost and wage settings

When you add students and teachers, you can choose lesson cost/wage settings on their profile. When you schedule lessons later on, lesson costs and wages will be calculated automatically based on your settings.

Student Profile, Teacher Profile and Calendar - Setting Up Lesson Cost and Wages

Student Profile

Hourly Billing:  Lesson costs are calculated using the Service List, or a cost is set on the student’s profile.

Non-hourly Billing: Lesson costs are set to 0 and billing is done through invoices for Packages and Flat Fees.

Teacher Profile

Hourly Wages: Lesson wages are set based on the Service List, or a wage is set on the teacher’s profile.
You can also use Wage Tiers to pay teachers different rates for the same service.

Non-hourly Wages: You can record non-hourly compensation or other compensation.

2. Schedule Lessons

Scheduling lessons is quick and easy in Teachworks. Simply click on the calendar, or go to Calendar > Add Lessons and fill in the fields. You can:

  • Schedule 1-on-1 or group lessons

  • Schedule repeating lessons
  • Copy lessons
  • Click and drag lessons to update the time, location or teacher
  • Schedule courses
  • Schedule open classes for students to join
  • And much more!

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Calendar image

Setting Defaults

You can set default a default teacher, location and service on student profiles to speed up scheduling. When the student is selected, all the fields will be pre-filled.

3. Generate Invoices

You can generate single invoices or multiple invoices at once. Invoice can be generated for:

  • Lessons from the calendar (using the lesson cost assigned to the lesson)

  • Packages
  • Flat Fees

View the Tutorial

Invoice with credit card
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