Enhance & Automate Communication.

Communication is an important part of any teaching organization. Teachworks will help your business communicate and provide teachers, students and parents with the information that they need.

Personal, Online User Accounts

Give your Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students personal online accounts with access to their own information based on their account type and permission settings.

Customers can conveniently and easily access their calendar, lesson history, invoices and more from any computer with web-access.

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Automatic Email Reminders to Improve Attendance

Reduce absences and confusion about lesson times and locations with automated lesson reminders for students, parents and teachers.

Reminder templates are fully customizable and you can adjust how many hours in advance your reminders are sent.

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Provide Feedback with Lesson Notes

After each lesson, teachers can save notes about the lesson and have the option to send the notes to parents or students by email.

Parents love receiving regular feedback, and this convenient format provides them with a regular reminder of the value of your teaching services.

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Automatic SMS Lesson Reminders

Enable the SMS Lesson Reminders Add-On and provide students, parents and teachers with timely reminders sent right to their mobile phones.

Customize messages and adjust lead times for each type of recipient. Easily view delivery results for all of your reminders.

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Send Individual & Group Emails

Send emails to one or more of your teachers, staff, students and parents.

Save unlimited email templates for frequently used communications. Use merge tags to personalize messages for each recipient.

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Here are a few more ways teachworks helps you communicate...

Easy Notifications

Sending notifications from your account can be either automated, or it's as simple as checking a box when saving a form.

Customizable Templates

Customize your notifications with your own subject and message. Use merge tags to personalize each email.

View Email Logs

View detailed records of all notifications sent from your account.

Track Deliverability

Track which email addresses couldn't be delivered, so that you can correct your records.

Welcome Emails

Automatically send welcome emails to new clients, students and teachers when setting up a new profile.

Invoice Emails

Send invoices by email and allow your clients to save, print and pay online.

Payment Emails

Automatically send an email to a customer when you've received a payment.

Teacher Payslips

Send teachers their payslips by email including payment hours and details.