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Teachworks streamlines & automates your invoicing, payments and payroll, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

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Example Screenshot of choosing Billing Method on Student Profile


Efficient, Rule-Based Billing

Teachworks supports a wide range of methods for charging students including per hour by student or by service type, flat-fee, and prepaid hours package. Student discounts and premiums are also supported.

Lesson costs are set automatically based on the student's settings -- saving time and reducing clerical errors.

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Quick Invoicing

Easy, Automated Invoices

Drastically reduce your time spent on invoicing with our flexible invoicing system.

Generate invoices for one or multiple clients. Add charges, packages, or lessons pulled right from your calendar. Customize your workflow with the option to review before approval and sending.

Further automate your invoicing with our Invoice Autopilot to generate invoices automatically on recurring basis.

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Example Screenshot of a customized invoice


Professional, Custom Invoices

Extend your company's brand with Teachworks' professional, customizable invoices. Add your company logo, contact details, instructions and more. Invoices can be emailed, printed and saved in PDF format.

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Example screenshot of invoice flags

Invoice Flags

Highlighted Invoice Changes

Flagged invoices let administrators or staff easily spot when changes to lessons on the calendar affect invoice totals.

When viewing a flagged invoice, the changes to the affected lessons and the invoice total are clearly highlighted and the recommended action is indicated.

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Example screenshot of pay online option to pay invoice by credit card


Accept Credit Card Payments

Offer your clients more convenience by accepting online credit card payments.

Teachworks is integrated with Stripe so you can begin accepting credit cards in minutes without a merchant account.

Clients can pay quickly directly from their online invoices, or you can save their credit cards and charge payments on their behalf.

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Example screenshot of selecting invoices in bulk to collect paymentMain calendar, month view.


Bulk Pay Invoices

Save time by charging client credit cards for all of your invoices at once with our bulk invoice payments feature.

Simply select the invoices to pay and the payments will be processed in the background. Review payment results to identify any declined transactions.

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Example screenshot of employee hours and earnings along with payment status


Automated Timesheets & Teacher Payments

There's no need to collect time sheets from your teachers because teacher hours are pulled right from the lessons on the calendar.

Calculating teacher payments is as easy as selecting the payment time period, checking the lessons to include, and submitting the payment form.

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Example screenshot of setting up an invoice autopilot scheduleMain calendar, month view.

Automated Invoicing

Invoice Autopilot

Teachworks' Invoice Autopilot add-on allows you to automatically generate invoices according to a customizable schedule.

Flexible schedule options & customizable invoice settings help you reduce the amount of time you spend on invoicing.

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billing custom invoicesMain calendar, month view.

Add Your Personal Touch

Custom Invoices

Our Custom Invoices Add-On allows you to customize the appearance & layout of your invoices.

Plus, you can fully customize the text & labels that appear on invoices, making it a great solution for providing invoices in a foreign language.

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Example screenshot of setting up custom invoice templatesMain calendar, month view.


Custom Invoice Email Templates

Personalize invoice notifications by customizing email templates for different scenarios such as sending a customer their first invoice, invoice reminders, final notices and more!

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Other time-saving features include...

Balances & Transactions

Quickly view customer balances or view complete list of customer transactions.

Record Payments Automatically

Payments processed online through your Teachworks account are recorded automatically.

Prepaid Packages

Sell packages of hours for your teaching services and monitor customer balances.

Editable Invoices

Easily make changes or updates to invoices including invoice items.

Adjustable Invoice Numbers

Set your own number format and starting number for invoices.

Overdue Invoice Reminders

Improve collections with customizable overdue invoice reminders.

PDF Invoices

Convert invoices to PDF files for saving or sending with the click of a button.

View Uninvoiced Lessons

Prevent lessons from going unpaid by finding all uninvoiced lessons.