Teachworks FAQ's


How do I login?
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To login you will need the following information: Login page, Username, Password.

If you forget your login page, you can always find it here: Find Your Company Login

Your username is the email address used to create your account.  Your password was set up at the time your account was confirmed.

How can I reset my password?
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You can change your password at anytime! If you are logged in, you can change your password by going to Account & Settings > Update Password.

If you forgot your password, simply go to your login page, click on "Forgot Your Password?". Instructions to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

How does Teachworks pricing work?
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Teachworks pricing is designed to be flexible based on the number of student lessons you schedule per month. With this flexible pricing, you subscribe to one of our 3 plans: Starter, Growth or Premium.

Each plan has a set monthly cost and you also pay a small fee per each student lesson scheduled.
More information on Teachworks Pricing: Choosing a Plan

Is your software suitable for big or small companies?
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The features included in our software have been carefully designed for education businesses of all sizes. Our software fits the needs of small, medium and large education companies. Our goal is to help education companies manage their business more efficiently and effectively on every stage of their business success.

Teachworks is designed for the unique needs of education businesses and as a result we believe that it provides a better fit than more general software programs and other Teachworks competitors. One example of this is Teachworks invoicing system. While most invoicing software programs allow you to add charges to an invoice, our invoices allow you to add packages of hours that you can then track as a client uses them. Our invoices also allow you to pull lessons from your calendar onto your invoice, so that you don't need to re-enter any data.

These automation features will help you run your business more efficiently, for example, with the invoice autopilot you can process one invoice or thousands with the click of a button.

How does your software help my company?
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Our incentives are aligned with our clients, since we benefit as our clients grow their businesses. By helping our clients become more efficient, we are able to give them a competitive advantage to help them grow. Teachworks also has a customizable design that allows our customers to only activate the features that best suit their business, this flexible design helps them activate more features as they grow.

Can I use Teachworks in my country?
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Yes, Teachworks is a web-based software. It can be used anywhere in the world with internet access.

Where can I get support?

If you have questions you can contact us through email at Teachworks Support. You can also click on the "?" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are always here to answer any questions!

How is my information protected?
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Our data is hosted with Amazon Web Services in the US. They are a highly secure, industry leading web service. You can see more information on their security policies here: Amazon Web Services.

To protect your data we also have the following measures in place: Continuous Backup & Periodic Backups. In the event of a problem with the master database the replica is promoted, so that no data loss occurs.

All of our connections are encrypted with SSL and access to all data is password protected. You can be assured that your information will always be protected. We take the privacy of your data seriously and do not share your data with anyone. You can review our privacy policy here: Teachworks Privacy Policies.


Can I schedule single and group student lessons?
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Teachworks is adjustable to all your needs. You can schedule lessons with a single student, a group of students or no students at all! It all depends on what your business needs are.

Can I modify the calendar to my preferences?
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Absolutely! The calendar is an essential tool to manage your business efficiently. You need to be able to find the information you need right away, therefore, the calendar has adjustable settings to match your preferred view, color coding, filters and more.

How does your software make scheduling easier?
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Coordinating the schedule with multiple teachers, students and locations can be challenging. Teachworks makes scheduling easier by allowing you use a multitude of calendar filters, calendar views and making it easy to schedule lessons with just one click.

You can drag and drop lessons to make changes, check schedule conflicts with the click of a button, see teacher availability fast and efficiently, and even allow students to join open lessons, or book lessons directly from your website!


Can I bill my customers using different billing methods?
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Absolutely! Teachworks handles a variety of billing methods such as package billing, billing by service type, per hour and flat-fee. You can even set up premiums and discounts to be applied to lessons for specific students. To help you save time and reduce errors, student costs are generated automatically based on the student profile settings.

More information about billing methods: Billing Methods.

Can I automate invoicing?
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Invoicing is a big part of any business, particularly a teaching business that has a large number of clients and students that receive teaching services over several billing periods. Teachworks allows you to generate a single invoice or multiple invoices at once to help you drastically reduce the time spent creating your invoices.

The Invoice Autopilot is a flexible billing system that pulls lessons right from the calendar and creates invoices with your desired settings, so you do not have to do any of the manual work.

Which payment systems do you support?
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Currently, we have a built-in integration with Stripe. However, you can also partially integrate with other service providers such as PayPal or Square.


What type of notifications can I send through your software?
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Teachworks allows you to automate many aspects of your business including communication, which is why we offer a number of customizable notification emails. The list expands based the Integrations & Add-Ons you enable and includes: Welcome Emails, Billing Notifications, Payroll Notifications, Lesson Reminder Emails, Lesson Notes Templates and more.

Can I give my customers access to Teachworks?
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Absolutely! A user account will allow your clients to easily view and manage their personal schedules. You can enable user accounts for your customers by following these easy steps: Creating user accounts.

To control what your clients can view in their personalized user accounts, edit the “Customer Account Settings” section on your Account Settings page based on your requirements.

How can your software help me communicate efficiently with my employees & customers?
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Aside from our customizable notification templates, we also have the following features that can help you communicate efficiently with your employees & customers:

Lesson Notes: When completing lessons in Teachworks, you’ll be able to add internal and shared notes to specific lessons. Shared notes can be emailed directly to your customers and internal notes can be used to strengthen internal communication.

Email Add-On: This add-on allows you to send emails and create email templates in Teachworks. Recipients are grouped to make it easier to reach the right people every time.

MailChimp: MailChimp Integration: This add-on allows you to sync your contacts from Teachworks to lists in MailChimp. You can use MailChimp to create beautiful email marketing campaigns and you can use their built in analytics features to make the most of your email marketing efforts.

Follow-Up Add-On: This add-on lets you add a follow up date and note directly to client profiles.

Note & Communication Logs Add-On: With this add-on enabled, you can add internal notes directly to student profiles.

How can I provide lesson feedback to my customers?
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You can provide feedback in the "Shared Notes" section. Students can see this section through their user accounts, or you can also send these notes directly to your customers through email.


What reports and analytics are available within Teachworks?
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Within Teachworks, there are several reports that can be customized to display the information you need. Below is a brief summary of each of the reports available:

Dashboard: The Teachworks dashboard contains an overview of your most important business stats such as: performance numbers, invoice totals, overdue invoices, and hours by status. The dashboard widgets are customizable, so you can always see the most important information for your unique business needs

Breakdown Reports: This report allow you to view the breakdown of a particular measure by category for a particular date range. It displays a table with a list of the results, their values, and their percentage of the total along with a pie chart that displays the color-coded results.

Time Series Report: This report displays the daily total value of a particular measure for a period of time. A line chart is displayed at the top of the report with the totals for each day displayed in a table below.

Lesson Summary Report: This report is highly customizable, used to display information related to lessons in a list format.

First Lesson Report: This report allows you to find out what students have had their first lesson in the selected date range. This report is useful for finding customers who you'd like to follow up with to schedule more lessons, or ask for feedback about their first lesson with your business.

Last Lesson Report: This report allows you to spot student inactivity up to a selected date. Based on your findings, you can follow up with your customers to schedule more lessons, or deactivate their profiles altogether.

Can I import employee and student lists to Teachworks?
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Yes, you can use our import feature to import your student lists, family lists and employee lists fast and efficiently.

How can I use the reports in Teachworks to grow my education business?
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Teachworks reports allow you to recognize opportunities and issues in a timely manner, allowing you to take action when it is necessary. The reports generated can provide insight on where your business requires the most attention, allowing you to focus on the opportunities that drive growth to your education business.


Are the integrations & add-ons free?
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All our add-ons and integrations are FREE to use with the exception of SMS Lesson reminders, you will need to purchase credits to be able to send text messages to your customers.

Can I choose which integrations and add-ons I want to enable?
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Absolutely! Teachworks allows you to enable add-ons and integrations based on your unique business needs. The ability to customize your account with essential add-ons and integrations allows you to avoid the clutter from features you don't need and work more efficiently.

Can I request a new Add-On or Integration?
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Your feedback is important to us, which is why we have a New Feature Ideas Forum where you can request new Integrations, Add-Ons and other features. Other companies can easily vote for your idea, which is one of the factors we use to prioritize the addition of new features.