Generating Invoices Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to generate invoices in order to charge clients for lessons, packages or other charges.

1. Adding Invoices

Click on the Billing option in the navigation menu. Then click the Create Single Invoice Option.

Step 1 screenshot

2. Invoice Settings

Select the customer from the customer menu. You can also set the invoice date, due date, invoice number, reference and tax treatment.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Tax Treatment

The tax treatment determines how the tax will be calculated on the invoice. You can set the default value for this field in your Account Settings. The available options are Tax Exclusive, Tax Inclusive and Tax Exempt.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Adding Items

There are three types of items that you can add to an invoice -- charges, packages and lessons.

Adding a Charge

To add a charge, select the "Add Charge" and click the "Go" button.

Step 4 screenshot - adding a charge

A row will be added to the invoices where you can enter the details for the charge. If you need to remove a row, click the "X" icon next to the row.

Step 4 screenshot - adding a charge 2

Adding Lessons

To add lessons to an invoice select the Add Lessons option. Fields for start and end dates will appear. Select the date range of the lessons to add to the invoice.

Step 4 screenshot - adding lessons

When you click the "Go" button any uninvoiced lessons within the date range will be retrieved.

Step 4 screenshot - adding lessons 2

You can edit any of the lessons that are added to the invoice.

Step 4 screenshot - adding lessons 3

5. Invoice Total

As you add items to the invoice or adjust the price, quantity or discount the totals will automatically update to reflect the changes. If necessary you can adjust the sales tax rate, otherwise the the default value set in your Account Settings will be used.

Step 5 screenshot

6. Invoice Instructions

You can enter invoices instructions and terms in the Instructions text box. You can also set the default instructions on your Account Settings page. This field supports rich text and links.

Step 6 screenshot

7. Sending the Invoice

If you would like to email the invoice to the customer, you can check the "Send Invoice Email" box. The invoice will only be sent if you click the "Approve" button when submitting the form.

Step 7 screenshot

8. Save or Approve

You can either save or approve an invoice. Saving an invoice will save the details without the invoice being made available to the client. Approving the invoice will make it visible in the client account and will allow you to email it to the client. If you want to generate another invoice after saving the current invoice, then click the option field on the button and click the appropriate option in the menu.

Step 8 screenshot

9. Completed Invoice

If you've created a single invoice you will be directed to the page that displays the invoice.

Step 9 screenshot

For instructions on all Teachworks features, refer to the Teachworks Knowledge Base.