LaTeX Lesson Notes Add-On

Effortlessly add math equations to internal and shared notes.

About the LaTeX Lesson Notes Add-On

This add-on allows you to enter TeX and LaTeX in the internal and shared notes fields for a lesson to display math equations.

  • Click on the preview button that will appear below the notes fields to quickly view equations after entering TeX or LaTeX text.
  • Help students grasp mathematical concepts quicker by including math equations in lesson notes.
  • Help students to refine their math skills by including more equations in lesson notes for homework. Students can easily access lesson notes in their Teachworks accounts.
  • Equations display perfectly in the Lesson Summaries Report as well as the Lesson History by Student table.
LaTeX lesson notes screenshot - adding to notesLaTeX lesson notes screenshot - viewing in Teachworks


Improve the learning experience for students by providing lesson notes with easy-to-read math equations included.

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