Customer Cancellation Add-on

Allow customers to easily cancel their upcoming lessons.

About the Customer Cancellation Add-on

The Customer Cancellation Add-on allows your customers to easily cancel their upcoming lessons through email or their Teachworks accounts.

  • Customers can cancel lessons right from Lesson Reminder Emails or from their Teachworks account.
  • Specify a cancellation cut-off time based on your policies.
  • Customize the status that gets applied to lessons if they cancel in time or miss the cut off.
  • Easily add instructions to the cancellation page to provide customers with key information.
  • Customize the cancellation link text that appears in Lesson Reminder Emails.
Customer Cancellations Add-on | Tweaking SettingsCustomer Cancellations Add-on | Cancelling a Lesson


This feature is a great time-saver for you and your customers. Prevent scheduling confusion and reduce admin workload by eliminating the need to cancel by phone or email.

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