Getting Started Guide (Automate)

Welcome to our getting started guide. This guide contains all the information you need to decide if Teachworks is a good fit for your business!

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1. Invoice Autopilot Add-on

The Invoice Autopilot Add-on allows you to automate the invoicing process. It has a number of customizable settings to accommodate your billing requirements.

  • Generate invoices daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and more.

  • Generate invoices in advance or after lessons have been attended.
  • You can create multiple invoice schedules if your clients pay at different intervals or if some clients pay per lesson and others pay a flat fee every month.

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Invoice stack
Invoice Autopilot Add-on Screenshots. Schedule Settings, Invoice Settings, Invoice.

2. Processing Payments

Teachworks makes it easy to record payments manually. To speed up the process and offer convenient payment options to your clients, you can use our Stripe Integration to process credit cards and manage ACH payments (for US customers only).

Stripe Integration

Our Stripe Integration speeds up payment processing significantly. Payments processed through Stripe are recorded automatically in Teachworks. Payment can be collected in the following ways:

  • Clients can pay their invoices online.

  • You can process credit card payments for them.
  • Payment can be required upon booking (Website Booking Plugin Required).
  • You can collect ACH payments (US only at the moment).

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Teachworks and Stripe Integration
Bulk Invoice Payments Feature

Bulk Invoice Payments

If you process credit card payments through Stripe on behalf of your clients, you can speed up the process significantly by using the “Bulk Invoice Payments” feature. This feature allows you to process payment for multiple invoices at once.

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Can I use a different payment processor?
Absolutely! You can partially integrate with a payment processor of your choice. If you want to record payments automatically, you can use our Zapier Integration or API to automate the process.

3. Automated Notifications

Teachworks includes a range of fully customizable SMS and email notifications that can be sent out automatically. This includes:

  • Welcome SMS and emails

  • Lesson reminder SMS and emails
  • New invoice emails
  • Invoice due reminders
  • Low package balance
  • Lesson notes emails
Email with notification

Can I send regular emails too?
Absolutely! Our Email Add-on makes it easy to send emails to employees and clients. You can easily save templates, email everyone in a group lesson right from the calendar and more. For marketing emails, you can use our MailChimp Integration to sync contacts to MailChimp.

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