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Find out how Teachworks can make it easier for you to manage and grow your teaching business.

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A Quick Overview of Teachworks

This short video highlights the main features that you can expect when switching to Teachworks. It includes more information about scheduling, billing, reporting and more.

Why Switch to Teachworks?

Teachworks has the same core features as TutorPanel plus hundreds of additional features and customizations to fit your business, save time, and provide convenience to your clients.

SMS lesson reminders, charging client credit cards, website plugins, integrations with popular software programs like QuickBooks Online, Lessonspace, Mailchimp and more -- these are just some of the Teachworks features that can help you manage & grow your business.

Click and drag lessons in the calendar


Calendar Time-Savers

  • Speed up scheduling with multiple calendar views, filters and features such as copying lessons and drag-and-drop.
  • Create custom lesson statuses to keep detailed attendance records.
  • Send automatic lesson reminders by email and SMS as well as manual reminders right from the calendar.
  • Lock the calendar to prevent any unwanted changes on or before a particular date.
  • Easily check for scheduling conflicts affecting tutors, students, locations and more.
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Customer Calendar Features

  • Customers can easily request lessons right from their Teachworks account.
  • Customers can book lessons, join open classes and enrol in courses from your website.
  • Customers can manage their own schedules by cancelling lessons on the calendar or through Lesson Reminder Emails.
  • Allow customers to view their calendar events in their local time zone.
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Request a lessonCancelling a lesson
Website Profiles Add-on - grid view exampleWebsite Booking Plugin - selecting a teacher


Website Integrations

  • Add a login form to your website to allow customers and employees to easily access their Teachworks accounts.
  • Add the website booking plugin to your website to allow clients to book lessons and join classes/courses (upfront payment processing supported).
  • Collect enrollment and application information right on your website using custom forms.
  • Display teacher profiles on your website to showcase their skills and achievements.
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Selecting invoices for payment in bulkPay online button on invoiceSelecting Credit Card option when charging card on behalf of customer


Get Paid on Time, Every Time

  • Generate single invoices, bulk invoices or automate the process with the Invoice Autopilot Add-on.
  • Use Stripe to charge credit cards on behalf of your customers one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Easily process ACH payments (US based companies only).
  • Add custom sales tax rates and labels
  • Create custom invoice emails to send various invoice reminders and notifications.
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Dashboard widgets


Customizable Dashboard

  • Keep track of important business data with a customizable dashboard.
  • Choose from more than 20 widgets including Monthly Statistics,  Lesson Profit Snapshot, Birthdays, Tasks, Bookings, Inquiries and much more!
  • Rearrange widgets by clicking and dragging them in an order that allows you to work more efficiently.
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Adding a custom fieldTweaking user access and permissions


Customer & Employee User Accounts

  • Expand user profiles with custom fields to collect information that’s important to your business.
  • Attach files, such as assessments and resumes, to student and employee profiles.
  • Customize permission settings for teacher and staff accounts to ensure they have access to relevant information only.
  • Build custom forms to collect enrollment and application information from clients and employees. Profiles are added to Teachworks automatically once a form has been completed.
  • Our Bulk Enable feature lets you quickly enable user accounts
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Lesson revenue reportBreakdowns report by subject


Understand Your Business

  • Teachworks offers several reports to help you keep track of your business performance in real time.
  • Easily run reports related to lessons, students, services, invoices, payments and more.
  • Save report settings to quickly run similar reports periodically.
  • Use the First Lesson Report to identify students that had their first lesson or the Last Lesson Report to identify student inactivity.
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Creating a teacher invoiceViewing lesson hours for specific tutor


Easily Track Employee Earnings & Payments

  • Teacher earnings are tracked automatically as lessons are added to the calendar based on your wage settings.
  • If your teachers are contractors, they can easily invoice your company through Teachworks.
  • Record wages in bulk for up-to-date payroll information at all times.
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50+ Free Integrations
& Add-ons

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Expand the capabilities of your Teachworks account by enabling more than 50 free integrations & add-ons including Stripe, QuickBooks Online, Lessonspace and Zapier.

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"We were using TutorPanel and as our business continues to grow we needed a stronger platform for invoicing and scheduling and have found Teachworks to be the perfect solution. Invoicing has been so much easier and faster and we love it."
Jeff Orwick
FAST Mentoring
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