Custom Forms Add-on

Manage student enrollments and employee applications with ease.

Custom Form example screenshotCustom Form example screenshot

About the Custom Forms Add-On

Our Custom Forms Add-on allows you to create custom forms for collecting registration or enrollment information from potential clients, individual students or employees. When a form is completed, a corresponding profile is created in Teachworks automatically.

Adding the Plugin to Your Website

There are 3 different options to add the Website Booking Plugin to your website:

  • Add the “Inline Button Code” – The button is displayed inline
  • Add the “Edge Button Code” – Button displays at the bottom edge of the browser
  • Add the “Booking Page URL” – This can be used for a text link (example: Book a Lesson!)
Availability on profile screenshot

Custom Form Examples

Once you’ve created a custom form, a URL is created. You can add this URL to your website as a text link or a button. Alternatively, you can send the link via email to prospective customers/employees. Below is an example of each type of custom form that you can create in Teachworks.

Embedding a Custom Form in an iframe

You can also embed a form in an iframe on your website. Here’s an example (keep in mind that forms can be expanded with more fields and custom fields and can be formatted by adding dividers and headings).

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