Benefits of Email Support

Find out about some of the benefits provided by email support.

We find that we support our clients best through email. Below are some of the benefits of providing support by email:

  • Most questions require procedural answers and email allows us to provide our clients with step-by-step instructions, attachments, and links to relevant resources.

  • Receiving questions by email allows us to quickly escalate it to the best team member to respond, thereby improving response quality and speed.

  • We have clients all over the world and email support allows us to overcome geographical and language barriers.

  • It allows us to troubleshoot issues without having to put you on hold.

  • We can look at your previous questions and make sure that the solutions we provide are in line with your unique business needs.

  • Support tickets have date and time stamps as well as assignees, ensuring improved accountability.

  • Having a record of questions from support tickets allows us to identify areas where we can improve the Teachworks experience.

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